A Moving Image Of Eternity

Half A Second

The road trip is a narrative found throughout American music, literature and cinema that expresses the fantasy that we can change our lives by changing our geography. America is a history of restless immigrants, on the move, looking for the next big break, a new start, leaving the past behind forever. The experience of driving on the interstate is the “vehicle” for several series that take on the subject of time.

Photographed from the perspective of the passenger, the subject of these photographs is the passage of time itself. Using an extremely a slow shutter speed, a long span of time is compressed into one single image. The amount of blur, which varies by its physical relationship to the viewer, is used to examine the viewer’s relationship to time and space.  The immediate passes too fast to comprehend, while the slow passing of further objects allows contemplation. And the car, like our sense of self, appears unchanging and solid.

Printed with archival pigment inks on cotton rag. Dimensions 12″ x 18″, editions of 10