Lost In Thought

The road trip is a narrative found throughout American music, literature and cinema that expresses the fantasy that we can change our lives by changing our geography. America is a history of restless immigrants, on the move, looking for the next big break, a new start, leaving the past behind forever. I use the experience of driving on the interstate as the “vehicle” for several bodies of work that take on the subject of time.

When driving on the interstate, we enter a world completely removed from the natural unraveling of experience. Although constantly moving, one feels suspended in space and time. The wheels on the road create a droning hum, the exterior might as well be a short video loop repeating scenes of exits and signage. Drivers and passengers, unguarded and lost in thoughts of  planning their future or understanding their past, allow a rare glimpse into their internal world. The camera’s shutter speed is slow enough to blur the passing scenery but fast enough to capture their expression, isolating the passengers from their surrounding.  Other images portray the stage for these intimate dramas; the interstate structures of bridges, tunnels, and pillars.  When the mind concentrates on internal dramas, the outside becomes reduced to the basics of lines, forms, shade, and light. In this relative world of time and experience, these images show the eternal sense of the self amidst the constantly changing world.

Lost In Thought is printed on kozo, a semi-translucent paper traditionally used for ink drawings. Image titles were taken from my personal collection of fortune cookie messages. Sized from 24″ x 36″ – 30″ x 40″. Editions of 5